CEO Message

Al Ahmadi Trading Company was established in 1980, and since then we have carved out an unparalleled position in the international market, providing our clients with premium quality structural steel items. The company was founded to provide solutions for better living in our architectural spaces, and for the past 20 years we have improved our efficiency.

As a result, our company reputation and brand name have since gained broad recognition and accolades. We have expanded both locally and globally, establishing good trade relationships with many countries in the world such as South East Asia, Middle East and Europe.

In so doing, we have emerged as one of the top-ranking companies, in terms of its reputation for quality products and excellent customer service in the field of structural steel manufacturing. Al Ahmadi Trading Company has positioned itself to create higher value and contribute to the advancement of the society at the heart of its corporate principles. We welcome any marketing and contracting alliance with partners of similar visions and values.

We know that our ongoing success is attributed to the wise vision and the support of our Board of Directors coupled with the hard work and commitment of our employees.

Together we will continue to excel in achieving high productivity, meeting good environmental standards and building on the capabilities of our employees to fulfil the objectives of our stakeholders.


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