Gutter & Elbow Gutter

Gutter & Elbow Gutter


The Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron Corrugated GUTTER also known as a ‘DOWNSPOUT’ is used for direct runoff away from the wall and foundation of your home. The Gutter is made in three different materials namely Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron (PPGI), Galvanized Iron (GI) and Aluminum. We can help with the customer’s design in making the right material with great design and quality.

This Gutter extension bridges the gap between the overhand and wall and helps roof erosion and foundation damage. Gutter can withstand extreme temperatures over short-term materials such as plastic. The Downspout is available in different variety of Colors depending on your choice.

List of features includes:

  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free, easy-to-clean design
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures

Technical Data:

Gutter & Elbow Gutter Technical Data

Color Shades
White, Off White, Beige, Red, Light Green, Green, Dark Green
Yellow, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Blue, Dark Blue

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