Floor Decking Panels

Floor Decking Panels


Floor Decks feature a galvanized ribbed profile with embossments designed to interlock with the concrete slab. Our professionals manufacture these sheets by quality approved raw materials and cutting-edge technology. The deep profile allows a deep and stronger pour of concrete therefore a higher slab depth can be obtained. As with all the floor decking panels the widths allow for easy installation with the male and female receptors. The deck initially acts as a form for the concrete, and after the concrete cures, the deck acts as the positive moment reinforcement.

Avalable Finish: Galvanized, Cold Rolled (CR)

Uses: Steel Deck performs as a positive reinforcement and a permanent form support, providing savings in concrete and reinforcement steel.

List of features includes:

  • Time effective to install decking panels over a vast area
  • Once fixed, the deck acts as a safe platform
  • Unlike conventional constructions processes, lesser concrete is required
  • It lowers the weight of primary structures foundations
  • Composite deck flooring is economical and affordable
  • Reduces construction time

Technical Data:

Floor Decking Panels Technical Data

General Details
Thickness Range 0.9 mm to 1.2 mm
Width of the sheet (mm) 900 mm
Length Range (mm) 1000 mm to 10000 mm
Hardness 44 - 64 HRB
Surface Finish Chromated
Zinc Coating 120 to 150 grams per sqm

Dimensional Tolerance
Thickness (mm) 0.02 mm
Width (mm) 1 mm
Length (mm) 5 mm

Profile Features
Floor Decking Panels Profile Features

Table of Max Unpropped Deck Span
Floor Decking Panels Table of Max Unpropped Deck Span

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