Single Skin Sandwich Roof Panels

Single Skin Sandwich Roof Panels


Pre-painted galvanized roofing sheets. In the past 20 years, end-users, contractors and consultants have become increasingly aware of the losses associated with thermal transmission. Insulation of various types is now used in all types of buildings. The insulated polyurethane sheets have a thickness of 20 mm. Liner panels have one metal skin surface with polystyrene foam board adhered to it for better insulation. Polyurethane has been recognized as the most resistant material to heat transmission.

Uses: These sheets can be successfully applied to cold storage, warehouses, residential villas, houses, covered pools and sports complexes. Moreover, there are various choices of rich colours available both in single skin or double skins.

The features include:

  • Resistant to corrosion, deformation and breaking
  • High resistance to water absorption
  • No requirements for interior or exterior finishing
  • Can simply be disassembled when necessary
  • High insulation value
  • Long service life
  • Strong aesthetic value

Technical Data:

Single Sking Sandwich Roof Panels Technical Data

General Details
Top Facia Sheet Pre Painted Galvanised Steel (PPGS)
Thickness of Top Facia Range (mm) 0.35 mm to 0.7 mm
Width of the sheet (mm) 950 mm
Length Range (mm) 150 mm to 11500 mm
Insulation Type Polyurethene Foam
Insulation Thickness (mm) 30 mm
Bottom Facia Sheet Rigid PVC Film
Thickness of PVC Film 0.08 mm
Length Range (mm) 200 mm to 11500 mm
Specular Glass @ 60 Deg
(Amount of light reflected from surface)
40 - 90 %
Pencil Hardness of Top Facia
(First pencil that does not scratch)
2 (HB Grade)
Scratch Resistance
(Bare metal shall not be visible through scratch)
1500 Gms
Protective Film With or Without Guard Film

Top Coat 5 Micron Primer and 20 to 25 Micron of Top polyester coat
Back Coat 5 to 10 Micron of service coat
Zinc Coating 90 to 120 grams per sqm

Color Shades
White, Off White, Beige, Green, Light Green, Dark Green, Yellow
Red, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Blue, Dark Blue

Corrosion Resistance
Elements Composition %
Carbon, max 0.08
Maganese, max 0.50
Phosphorus, max 0.020
Sulfur, max 0.030

Dimensional Tolerance
Tensile strength, min, psi, [MPa] 45000 [280]
Yield strength, min, psi, [MPa] 22000 [150]
Dimensional Properties as per ASTM A500 standard

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