Polyethylene Panels

Polyethylene Panels


The Polyethylene Panel is a product in which the polyethylene foam is formed into sheet form and is applied with a layer of aluminium on the top and the bottom. The metallic surfaces have been prefinished and coil-coated in a variety of paint finishes before bonding. The product can also be attached to pre-painted galvanized steel sheet and is also sold in the form of the sandwich panel. The panels offered are rigidity of heavy-gauge sheet metal in a lightweight panel that’s easy to fabricate and adaptable to a vast range of indoor and outdoor building applications. The minimum width of the panel is 1 meter and the foam thickness is available in the ranges of 6mm and 8mm.

Uses: The aluminium foil skin gives an attractive finished look and is used for brightening the interior of a building such as factories, warehouses, cold storages.

List of features includes:

  • The ability to prevent condensation due to heat
  • Insulates heat perfectly
  • Extraordinarily resistant to chemicals
  • Obtains the strength to resist fire
  • Prevention of corrosion due to humidity
  • Durable and long-lasting

Technical Data:

Polyethylene Panels Technical Data

General Details
Top Facia Sheet Pre Painted Galvanised Sheet (PPGS)
Thickness of Top Facia Range (mm) 0.35 mm to 0.7 mm
Width of the sheet (mm) 1000 mm
Length Range (mm) 150 mm to 11500 mm
Insulation Type Polyethylene Foam
Insulation Thickness Range (mm) 6 mm to 8 mm
Bottom Facia Sheet Aluminium Foil
Specular Glass @ 60 Deg
(Amount of light reflected from surface)
40 - 90 %
Pencil Hardness of Top Facia
(First pencil that does not scratch)
2 (HB Grade)
Scratch Resistance
(Bare metal shall not be visible through scratch)
1500 Gms
Protective Film No Guard Film

Top Coat 5 Micron Primer and 20 to 25 Micron of Top coat
Back Coat 5 to 10 Micron of service coat
Zinc Coating 90 to 120 grams per sqm

Corrosion Resistance
Humidity 1000 Hrs Good
Acid resistance - 5 % HCL 24 Hrs Good
Alkali Resistance - 5 % NaOH 24 Hrs Good
Boiling Water 1 Hrs Good

Color Shades
White, Off White, Beige, Green, Light Green, Dark Green, Yellow
Red, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Blue, Dark Blue

Dimensional Tolerance
Thickness (mm) 0.02 mm
Width (mm) 5 mm
Length (mm) 5 mm

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